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Let us show you how easy it is to create a personalised, bespoke prospectus using Unify.

Step 1.

Input key contact information

Unify adapts to suit your individual school requirements. As well as enabling you to input general contact information, such as name, address and date, you can also personalise with other information, such as a student’s name, age, favourite activities, or even details of which house they will be in.

Any relevant information to your school can be used to generate something unique and personal every time.

Step 2.

Select your relevant up-to-date content

Having all your marketing material online and accessible gives you and your admissions team the ability to select and create something unique and relevant for any given student.

With a simple search and check box function, it’s quick and easy for anyone in your admissions team to find exactly what is required. The result? A huge saving in time and money.

Step 3.

Covering letter

Unify gives you full control so that every word on a covering letter can be signed off and locked, making sure that everything is always on brand and consistent.

However, there’s also an option to allow anyone on your admissions team to add an additional paragraph, allowing you to maintain that personal touch on every letter.

Step 4.

School fees (optional process)

Configure Unify to produce a detailed school fee breakdown for your specific requirements. With comprehensive control of currency, finance options and more, it’s simple to add line-by-line services to create a tailored fee breakdown.

This is an optional step in the process that can also be skipped if required.

Step 5.

Re-order your pages and create

Once you have selected all the pages you require, Unify gives you the option to re-order them to suit your preference. Alternatively, they can be set in an agreed order at the set-up stage.

Then, with the press of a button, your bespoke personalised prospectus will be created using the most up-to-date and relevant content stored in Unify.


Print and download your prospectus

Unify offers a unique print-on-demand and distribution option. Schools can now save time and money by printing and storing fewer copies of a generic prospectus, as it’s more cost effective to print a ‘one-off’ bespoke personalised prospectus via Unify each time.

Your newly created, personalised prospectus is also available to download as a PDF or as a URL online flipbook to share via email.  Everything is saved in Unify for future reference, to make a change, it only takes a few clicks to update the details and create a brand new personalised prospectus.


Every contact is saved in Unify for future reference. If admissions staff need to make a change it only takes a few clicks to update the details and create a new prospectus.

Unify offers a unique print-on-demand option. You can save money by printing and storing fewer copies of your generic prospectus, as it’s more cost effective to print a ‘one-off’ personalised prospectus as and when needed.

Admissions teams will love it because it’s easy to use, personal and fast. Marketing teams love it because the prospectus is always on brand and they can update everything when required.

The benefits are instant. Unify boosts interest and creates an additional talking point when engaging with new students.

Now take a deep breath, you’ve only seen a fraction of what’s possible using Unify.

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