Here are the questions we get asked the most.
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How does Unify work?
If you have heard of or used Moon Pig then Unify is sort of the same thing but for larger marketing items such as the school prospectus and on-boarding material. It allows for personalising individual copies and sending them to print one at a time. The really clever part is that it gives schools the option to add different pages of content to build a tailored personalised school prospectus each time, making it a very powerful marketing tool for schools.

For example, let us imagine you have a different school prospectus for Early Years, Prep and Senior school, and that you are having to print and store three different school prospectuses. This is a lot of upfront cost and storage, plus If you have a major change to make to the school prospectus before the next print run it is going to eat into your marketing budget.

With Unify it allows you to virtually cut up each school prospectus and arrange them into different entry points to the school, it also gives the school the option to have other key pages that otherwise wouldn’t be in a general school prospects, such as travel pages specific to the location of student or a day in a life of a student per year of entry for the admission to choose from. All pages are stored within Unify and give the admissions team the option to select the required pages per student inquiry.

The personalised prospectus is the cherry on top, with the ability to add the persons’ name on any page or pages you choose, makes each school prospects a powerful marketing tool. Other personalisation features are available such as the choice of images used, for example, if the student is sporty, then the cover image could focus on sport etc. If the school is co-ed, images could be changed to be 80% male or female if required, this option has helped schools who have a co-ed sixth form, and schools that have changed from single-sex to co-ed.

Within Unify we call these Live Pages as they need to be custom built for each school. If you were to have the front cover of the school prospectus personalised then this would be a Live Page, most schools using Unify start with four live pages, front and back cover plus the introduction spread. Once a school has been using Unify to produce their school prospectuses they add further live pages to maximise the marketing potential, new live pages can be added at any stage.

What other things can Unify do?
If your school sends out documents as part of an on-boarding process this can also be integrated into Unify. You might have lots of printed single pages and smaller 2 or 4-page documents that make up the on-boarding process, these all have to be printed, stored, updated and posted out. When using Unify they can all be collated together and the name and address pre-filled throughout the document, saving not only time and money but helping the family.
Can you connect to our school management system?
If your school has a Management Information System then Unify can connect directly or via Wonde, this helps to take another step out of the process and keep everything connected. There will be a separate cost to connect Unify to your system, this can be quoted on request.
Can Unify connect to our website application form?
Unify can also connect to your website allowing the user to request a personalised school prospectus to be sent as a page turn PDF via email, plus giving the school the extra option to decide whether to send a printed copy in the post.
Can we add one prospectus at a time?
Yes, you can. Some schools who use Unify have come on board because they are about to run out of one prospectus, then once they are fully out of all their stock they put all the other versions into Unify.
What about open days?
We see different schools use Unify in different ways when it comes to open days. Some print multiple copies of a generic prospectus and put the date on the cover, by doing this it reduces the print cost per copy. Some pre-print all the personal prospectuses from the registrations and have them ready on the day to give out. Or if someone doesn’t turn up on the day the school can post their copy out to them so nothing is wasted.
Can I upload a spreadsheet to create multiple versions?
Not yet, but we are working on this function and it will be coming soon. It has been requested to help with open days, once you have your registered names and options on a spreadsheet, this can be uploaded and Unify will create all the separate versions in one go. You still have the option to check each one before pressing the print button.
What is your commitment to helping the environmental impact?
At Unify we are committed to reducing the environmental cost of printing. To help offset this cost we only print using FSC accredited paper. Products with the FSC label are identified as products with their roots from well-managed forests. FSC is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world‘s forests. Our forests are under threat and disappearing at an alarming rate. Deforestation accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than the global transport sector. Finding a balanced way to both use and protect our forests has become critical.
Supporting Trees For Life
Every month Unify donates trees to help this cause, putting trees back into the environment to help the circle of life. Every time a school joins Unify an extra tree per month will be planted to our dedicated grove in the Scottish Highlands. This forms part of our support for Trees For Life with their Action Plan ‘Planting native trees’. The action plan seeks to plant trees in locations where natural regeneration cannot occur. Planting native trees in barren areas where the forest has disappeared. To do this, they collect seed from the nearest surviving trees, to maintain the local genetic variation in the forest.


How does printing work?
Once you send a personalised school prospectus to print everything is taken care of by Unify, you don’t even have to worry about making it divisible by 4 for the purpose of printing. Part of the Unify set up is to create what we call filler pages, these are automatically added by Unify if the personalised school prospectus doesn’t have enough pages. Some schools are using these pages to advertise what is happening at the school. Because these pages can be updated anytime they can have current information on upcoming events and open days etc.

we can also store other marketing material along with folders and pre-printed envelopes, and put together a school prospectus pack to match how your admissions team already send them out. If you send a personalised school prospectus to print before noon it will be printed and delivered the next working day.

What is the cost of a single personalised school prospectus? The pricing starts from £4.75 for a 12-page school prospectus + postage. This includes the fulfilment, address label, plain envelope, and cover letter if required. If you supply pre-printed envelopes we can use these, or we can give you a cost to produce them for you. The cost then increases 0.75p per 4 pages, see the table below

12 pages £4.75 + postage
16 pages £5.50 + postage
20 pages £6.25 + postage
24 pages £7.00 + postage
28 pages £7.75 + postage
32 pages £8.50 + postage
36 pages £9.25 + postage

What size can be printed?
Our digital printer is currently SRA3 in size, this is a flat sheet size of 450x320mm. Allowing for bleed and crops we suggest designs to work within a flat sheet size of 430×300. With this in mind, the biggest page size would be 215mm x 300mm and then any size or shape that fits within that, A4, A5, square etc.

What paper is the school prospectus printed on? All the paper we use is FSC credited and our standard paper is called Arco uncoated. We print the cover on a 300gsm and the text on 170gsm uncoated Arco paper. We can change the paper to whatever you require, this might change the unit cost.

How can I control what is being printed?
Unify has different user rights, so you can decide who has control over the print queue. The admissions team can create print-ready versions but then a superuser can do the final check and send to print. Or you can allow admissions to create and send to print. Unify logs everything sent by every user so you can keep track.

How does the school get billed for the printing? At Unify we have partnered with a specialist digital printer who will be introduced to you directly, this way if you send something to print by mistake and want to cancel you can call them directly. Plus you might have other items that you want them to store for you when the fulfilment happens. They also will contact you when items such as bespoke envelopes are running low.


What does Unify cost?
If you have your prospectus ready to go and just want to personalise the front cover and introduction page, the set up can start from £500. And depending on the size of your school the monthly running cost starts at only £40.
What is included in the monthly cost?
Once your Unify is set up and running you can add up to 10 users, these can be admissions or marketing users. There is no limit to the number of personalised school prospectuses you can make each month, the only extra cost would be the printing. So if you just want to send out a page turn PDF version or attach a PDF to an email, there are no other costs per month. You can also upload new PDFs or change PDFs anytime at no extra cost. If you want to make changes to a live page this would require an additional cost and would be quoted upfront.
Can we just use Unify for PDFs only?
Simple answer Yes! There is no print contract so you still have the option to print one copy a month or year if wish, but you can create as many PDFs as you need every month.