Felsted School

A case study


Felsted is proud of its outstanding pastoral care and the strong and effective partnership it has with parents. Every student is individual and in their ‘home from home’ every boy and girl is exposed to a wealth of opportunities. Students’ talents are nourished and every individual’s personal growth is encouraged to flourish in an atmosphere of diversity, excellence, and intellectual curiosity.

With their new prospectus, Felsted wanted to capture all of these things to create something more personal and tailored. Their goal was to show potential parents and students that Felsted is the perfect fit for them. They wanted to find a way to encapsulate the individuality and personality that every student brings to Felsted and to put that into each and every prospectus they send out.

Sophy Walker

Director of Marketing – UK & Global

Felsted has recently had a brand refresh and we invited agencies to come in and pitch their creativity and ideas. Part of our selection process was an internal list of questions to help us score the process. One of these questions was, ‘What is different and unique?’ This is where Unify Schools won the day. The other agencies had nothing like it: Unify would give us that personal touch when marketing to prospective students – something that has never been done before in the history of the school.