Queenswood Main

A case study


When Queenswood first approached Unify, it was to engage us to help develop its current school prospectus. The school had recently had a change of Principal and wanted to update school information to ensure it reflected the new Head’s vision.

The school was running out of printed stock and needed to print more, but it wanted a new and cost-effective approach to sending out its prospectuses. The prospectus that was being used at the time had some great artwork and there was no prospect of a new photoshoot or costly redesign on the horizon.

Positive impact and outcomes

Parents now receive a prospectus that has a personalised element with the ‘wow factor’ that brings, but without huge cost implications for the school.

Prospective parents are impressed with the personalisation, and Queenswood has been able to create bespoke prospectuses for specific feeder school families, which have gone down very well indeed.

Nick Kelley

Head of PR, Digital and Print

The Unify system has made a huge difference to the way we use and distribute our promotional material. Now that we no longer have to worry about stock control, we can be both more discriminating and more generous with our prospectus packs. It has made us rethink our approach to open events – families now receive a personalised prospectus pack in advance of their visit.

It’s early days for Queenswood and personalisation – we will be redesigning our prospectus entirely in the near future and are excited about the possibilities that the Unify system offers.