Creating the perfect prospectus can feel like an uphill battle sometimes. Finding the right images to capture the ‘essence’ of a school and writing content to upsell your school’s many best features for as wide an audience as possible is fraught with challenges.

Standing out from the crowd

Yours might be one of a small pile of prospectuses to be landing on a prospective parent’s doormat in the near future. A parent might be looking at them all together, with or without your website to hand, and comparing the sports offerings or academic results, or looking at them with an open mind, one by one. Whichever approach they take, one thing is for sure: in most cases, your reputation and parents’ opinions will often precede this first encounter and this is your key chance to make sure your school is shown in the best possible light.

If you are in the fortunate position that your school’s name sells itself and you are very much oversubscribed, some would argue that it’s even more important to make sure your prospectus is living up to that name.

Many prospectuses, while differing in their design approach and layout format, contain the same sort of information: history of the school, academic approach and results, extra- or co-curricular activities, pastoral care, facilities, and if it is an independent school, boarding life.

Thinking outside the box

So what techniques or approaches can you take to really make a parent look twice at your prospectus?

First, make sure you have gathered all the information you need to ensure you are sending them the right information. Obvious though this may sound, it is easy for admissions departments to send all the available marketing information to a parent who has requested a prospectus. But parents may have no intention of sending a child to board, or to a pre-prep school or even a sixth form yet. Not being precise about information being sent is not only costly, it looks sloppy.

Attention to detail is key and parents notice these details. One easy, cost-effective way to shine in this area is to personalise your prospectus and make it as pertinent to the reader as possible.

Personalisation: undeniably effective

At Unify for Schools, we offer personalisation of prospectuses as standard. When we talk about personalisation, we are not just talking about simply adding in family or student names. However, one of our key offerings is to make sure that your prospectus can be sent to a child with their name embedded on the cover and on the pages themselves: the child will probably be looking at the document after all and the impact of this cannot be underestimated.

Beyond this, we offer a full consultancy service to help you ensure your marketing and admission teams are asking the right questions of parents when they ring or fill in an online form to request more information.

Has your team found out about a prospective student’s favourite activities? Do they know what the parents core values are? Have they recorded information about key worries or aspects of school life that are the most important to them?

Once identified, it becomes easy to tailor your prospectus to a family to ensure they receive the information they need about issues they care about as a priority and layer on more information as appropriate. It’s technically very simple, cost-effective and has longevity.

To find out more about how Unify for Schools can help you transform the way you deliver information to parents, and see how our service is already working in schools, visit