How many out-of-date prospectuses have you thrown away or had to reprint over the years due to a major staffing change at the school? Do you have a room full of printed material tucked away somewhere that has never been cleared out, or analysed how much this has really all cost? The reason these rooms are full of print is that it was once cost effective to print large quantities to keep the unit cost down. That was the only option to achieve a high level of print quality.

You can now print one prospectus at a time whenever you need it
The advancements in digital printing have now changed the landscape completely. With print on demand, it is now impossible to differentiate between a traditional litho printed prospectus and a digitally printed version. No matter what the paper size, whether or not it has uncoated or coated paper, or whether it is 12 or 48 pages, you will not spot the difference. Now you can print one copy at a time whenever you need it. This has allowed Unify the opportunity to challenge the way that school prospectuses are created and delivered forever.

The prospectus is always a live document, and no two copies have to be the same with Unify
WIth Unify, you can think about structuring your prospectus in a completely different way. Consider dividing your prospectus into relevant sections, such as Pre Prep and Prep, then think about other information that you could include that is pertinent to the prospective student, such as full board or day boarding. There is, more than likely, a huge amount of other information you could put into relevant sections, and even tailored information relevant to the entry age of the applicant. Now you can add it. Another major benefit of this system is that any changes required to content can be made at anytime. Put into practice, this means that the prospectus is always a live document, and no two copies have to be the same. If you have a change in staff you can update the artwork before printing the next one, meaning no more rooms full of out-of-date print.

Unify takes the school prospectus to a different level
The final cherry on top is that because each prospectus is being printed on demand, you can add the applicant’s name to your design. It could appear on the cover or within the copy, as you prefer, perhaps even with a choice of different images that play to the reader’s preferences. So, if they are sporty or into the arts, images from these disciplines could be on the front cover or on specific pages within the prospectus. All this takes the school prospectus to a different level that is now possible using Unify. Each time a new prospectus is sent to print, everything is done off site, no need for the administration team to put together a pack: they just have to click a few buttons and let the system do the work.

Analyse the true cost of your printed prospectus
With this in mind, now take a look in your store room and analyse the true cost of your printed prospectus. I bet it is a lot more than you think. To find out more on how Unify can open up a new world of options for your school’s prospectus, contact us today for a demo.